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S32K142: lpi2c is not working with freeRTOS integration.

Question asked by Daniel Carlquist on Mar 7, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2019 by Daniel Carlquist

Hello Team,


As per our project requirement we configured flex_i2c and lpi2c with FreeRTOS by using S32 Design studio.


From debugging we got to know once run the LPI2C_DRV_MasterSendDataBlocking(INST_LPI2C1, Data, sizeof(Data), true, 10UL);  function the software will always stuck at at the  DefaultISR: " startup_S32K_.S" file as mentined in below image. The software will not come out from DefaultISR


lpi2c configuration:

FlexIO i2c configuration:


Please help me to resolve this issue.



Ningapa C