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Discussion created by Kowsalya Balaguru on Mar 3, 2019
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In the below path, in the startup guide Model_Based_Design_Toolbox_MPC57xx_Series_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf’, it is mention to download theb‘*.mltbx’ file for the NXP MATLB installation.


But this specified file, not downloading the file in the format ‘*.mltbx’ from the NXP’s Model Based Design Toolbox web page https://community.nxp.com/docs/DOC-342724


It’s downloading in the file in *.txt or in the *.zip format.


But the *.mltbx file is not present in this downloaded ‘*.zip’ file.


This *.mltbx file in very much needed for the NXP MATLB installation.


So please let me know, how to download the file ‘MBDToolbox_MPC57xx_3.0.0_20190218.mltbx’ as specified in the start Guide ‘Model_Based_Design_Toolbox_MPC57xx_Series_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf’