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galcore crash with qt application

Question asked by Maik Dilger on Feb 25, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2019 by John Kaye



we are running a linux system build with buildroot on an imx6 dual lite. We use qt webkit application as the front end.

Currently we have an issue with /dev/galcore. The qt application freezes after some period of time, sometimes it happens after 30 minutes, sometimes it takes a whole day or longer for the freeze to occur.


The qt application displays a web page which in case of the error does refresh a clock using java script and communicate with the main application using a web socket and http web service.


The kernel messages show a crash of the driver being stuck

Jan 29 17:44:44 fsimx6 user.warn kernel:   DMA appears to be stuck at this address:
Jan 29 17:44:44 fsimx6 user.warn kernel:     0xFFFA8018


After that error happens the system has to be rebooted to get it working again.

Do you know similar problems or a way to debug it?


Please see the complete output of the crash in the attachment.