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P4080 Random Communication Problem

Question asked by ali erceylan on Feb 20, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2019 by bpe

We are developing a powerpc which contains P4080, 2x KSZ9031 phyical and KSZ8999 ethernet switch,

currently we see two problem;

1: when %20 of the start ups we see this error on u-boot console:"couldn't get PHY for P4080DS_MDIO0 addr0 failed to connect". but not all cards,only a few of them.

2:There is a second device which is communicating with P4080 and PC over KSZ8999 but sometimes we can't see as online second device and we can ping to P4080 but when we use exernal switch, there is no problem.


and also there is a warning which is :"Serdes bank1 expect refence clock 100 Mhz but actual is 125 Mhz " is this couse any problem?