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NFC PN548 porting on Android Oreo 8.1

Question asked by river hsu on Feb 14, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2019 by jimmychan

Dear Sir:


I am trying to add support for PN548 to Rockchip PX30 platform, which runs on Android 8.1.

I use NFC_NCIHALx_AR00C0.8.4.0_OpnSrc to integrate to our platform.

I have followed steps of Doc AN11690, but there is some porting problem that not mentioned


Here is the error msg:

02-14 03:00:22.944   226   226 E vndksupport: Could not load /vendor/lib64/hw/ from sphal namespace: dlopen failed: library "" not found.

02-14 03:00:22.944   226   226 E /system/bin/hw/vendor.nxp.nxpnfc@1.0-service: Failed to dlopen unknown error

02-14 03:00:23.002   226   226 E vendor.nxp.nxpnfc@1.0-service: Could not get passthrough implementation for android.hardware.nfc@1.0::INfc/default.

02-14 03:00:23.002   226   226 F vendor.nxp.nxpnfc@1.0-service: Error while registering nfc AOSP service: 1


Does anyone know how to solve it?

Thank you.