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RT105x USB BC support

Question asked by Mateusz Piesta on Jan 29, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2019 by Jorge Antonio Alcala Vazquez



We are designing custom device based on RT1051 uC which is battery powered. We need to have option for charging it trough USB Type-C connector. We are using external chip for Type-C support but we are also need to distinguish between dedicated/host chargers. We found that USB-PHY supports BC standard. Does NXP USB stack support BC ? 

There is USB_DEVICE_CHARGER_DETECT_ENABLE flag defined which suggests that such support is provided. After some digging in sources we also found that it needs FSL_FEATURE_SOC_USBDCD_COUNT set to compile. Unfortunately this flag is not defined in MIMXRT1051_features.h. Does that mean that RT1050 doesn't support BC or maybe USB stack is not yet prepared for BC support on RT1051 ?


Could you shed some light on this issue ?


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