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MPC5848G Multicore project - run the cores

Question asked by Ketkee Deshpande on Jan 23, 2019
Latest reply on May 9, 2019 by Gong jun


I am creating a multicore application(SDK) for DEVKIT-MPC5748G using S32Design Studio, wherein I want my Core Z4_0(which is also my boot core) to be dedicated completely as a TCP client for sending some data onto TCP server continuously and CoreZ4_1 to receive CAN data continuously onto the CAN Bus and both of these cores to do their job simultaneously. The issues I am facing is when I debug the launchgroup and Run the Z4_0.elf it waits for Z4_1.elf to run to connect to the server and perform further tasks. Only when I run Z4_1 my TCP client on Z4_0 connects and starts sending onto the TCP server but when I send the CAN data from CAN logger to receive the CAN data on my application running on Z4_1 the application on Z4_0 stops.

How Can I solve this problem? What might be the reason causing this issue?

I am attaching my application named CAN_ETH_Integration.