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Vybrid IAR Boot File

Question asked by Ken Green on Jan 22, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2019 by Ken Green

Basically this is a question on creating a binary file using the IAR IDE that can be booted from QSPI flash. I asked IAR on how to do this since the issues are on using their IDE, however they want money (purchase a support agreement and we'll talk to you) for any answers. I'm just checking to see if anyone else out there has done this.


To boot from QSPI, a "boot block" must be created containing (at a minimum) the configuration parameters (starting at location 0 in the flash), the IVT (starting at location 0x400 in the flash), and the boot_data block (starting anywhere). An app is obviously also needed. The issue comes with combining all of this together in one binary file using IAR tools. It's "easy" to generate a bare metal app into a binary file by itself. What I am trying to do is generate a single binary file that contains both the app and the "boot block" together such that the binary output can be directly loaded into flash at location 0. This would be controlled by IAR's .icf file (their version of a scatter file). The issue is that the boot block is always excluded because there is no reference to it in the application - therefore the linker considers it unused and optimizes it away.


The easy approach is to of course load the two binaries into flash separately. I am just trying to see if anyone has been able to put everything together in one file. That way I know that the app follows right after the boot stuff and the QSPI doesn't transfer any "wasted space".