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MCUXpresso Config Tool generates peripherals.c with conflicting UART structures

Question asked by Bruce Graham on Jan 2, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2019 by Bruce Graham


MCUXpresso IDE v10.2.1 [Build 795] [2018-07-25]


In the IDE I used the Config Tool to generate my peripherals.c and peripherals.h files.

When the project is compiled, the structures UART_1_config, UART_2_config, and LPSCI_1_config have compile errors:


../board/peripherals.c:66:4: error: 'uart_config_t {aka const struct _uart_config}' has no member named 'idleType'

../board/peripherals.c:144:4: error: 'lpsci_config_t {aka const struct _lpsci_config}' has no member named 'idleLineType'


I am guessing that the Config Tool is generating code for a version of the SDK that does not match my installed SDK.


How do I sort this out?