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Enabling MII (data + mdio config) on LPC54618, fsl_enet

Question asked by Mirco Franchetti on Nov 30, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2020 by Pablo Baena



I was charged to do a project with NXP LPC54618 that involves TCP/IP communication. They got me an example board with LPC54628 where I found (in the SDK) some lwIP working examples that got rid me from PHY init and other low level init stuff. In the actual project we changed PHY (LAN9303) and I need to understand the correct workflow for configuring at least the internal LPC's MII interface.

I also need to understand how to use fsl_enet (or fsl_phy).


I'm new to nxp microcontrollers/mcuxpresso, so I'm still not familiar with the architecture.


Until now, I've configured the pins (i hope) and searched some LAN PHY drivers. We're not running any RTOS.

Thank you!