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Working on D-flash in s12x

Discussion created by Raja praveen on Dec 19, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2009 by Raja praveen
I want to read and write NVM data to d-flash  in s12x  board.I have doubt on global addressing.

Sample code:
The global addresses are required. i.e. 0x10_0C00 must be used in this case
    FCCOBIX =  0x00;
    FCCOBHI =  0x12;    /* Erase D-Flash sector command */
->  FCCOBLO =  0x10;    /* Global address = 10 */

 Memory mapping registers gpage is need to set any value or above code is enough.any one  having sample project dealing with d-flash.Can u pls share it? this is urgent pls

Thanks in advance