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Getting Start with Rapid IoT Kit on MCUXpressoIDE

Discussion created by Ashok Ra on Nov 24, 2018
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Hi Everyone,


Here we going to see the basic "Hello World" sorry  "Ashok World" demo with MCUXpressoIDE

Tools Required:

MCUXpressoIDE -> Download it from here

SDK for Rapid-IoT-Kit -> Download it from here

Rapid IoT Kit


Steps to follow:

-> Import "hello world" project from SDK examples.

-> In the advanced settings page, uncheck the two options redirect SDK “PRINTF” to C library “printf” and Include semihost Hardfault handler and check the option Redlib: Use floating point version of printf, then press Finish.

Add below code after "Init_Display()" in hello_world.c file

    /* Display a Message */
    GUI_DispString("\n Rapid IoT\n\n");
    GUI_DispString(" Hello World!\n\n");

Then compile your project in-case if you get below errors

Fix it by replacing " THCI_Debug" by "printf"


After compilation success , Generate your ".bin" file like shown below

Press & hold  Top-Left button (SW3) then reset the kit to enter into USB flash mode.

flash the bin into your Rapid Kit by simple drag and drop.

Text "Hello World" will be displayed on your Rapid IoT Kit

To set image use this line "GUI_BMP_Draw(_ashok_bmp111, 0, 0);"  BMP image should be in RGB(1,1,1) 4bit format.

Download source here


Thanks All,

Happy Coding!

Ashok R