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LPCXpresso cannot find library, even when the library is linked in the MCU settings. Any suggestion??

Question asked by Ravitej Jakati on Nov 20, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2018 by Ravitej Jakati

I am trying to port a code from Code Red to LPCXpresso. While doing so, the compiler shows an error which says,
cannot find -lFreeRTOS_Library LCD_4.3 C/C++ Problem. I am very sure, the library for RTOS is connected/linked. 


This is resulting in compilation error to create the .axf file. I tried the same in Red Suite, and the compilation is successful.


I am using the Newlib library headers and sometimes, I get an "Undefined Reference" error as well. Changing the Newlib to Newlib(nohost) or (semihost) does not cure the problem. have a deadline to meet. I am new to this work. any and all suggestions are really helpful.