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LS2088a board recovery after flash issue

Question asked by Rajiv Ganth on Nov 14, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2018 by Yiping Wang



I have tried to flash the bank 4 (altbank) with nor flash img from nxp images (wget


used the below steps:

=> tftp a0000000 firmware_ls2088ardb_uboot_norboot.img

=> protect off 584000000 +$filesize && erase 584000000 +$filesize && cp.b a0000000 584000000 $filesize

=> qixis_reset altbank


But After Flash i'm somehow not able to get any console messages. How to recover from the this state to bring the board back to normal? I'm seeing only amber light in the power button.


I tried the reset button but that doesn't works after this issue.


I don't have codewarrior setup or connectivity and i'm using only console connection.


If this is a uboot issue, how to recover the board.