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FTM in Quadrature Decoder mode does not work on iMX7.

Question asked by bipin kumar on Nov 14, 2018
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I am using iMX7D processor for my application( Using Toradex Aster eval board iMX7D 512MB ). I'm trying to use its Flextimer ( FTM ) module in Quadrature decoder mode. Application being and optical encoder is connected to Phase A and Phase B inputs of FTM1 module and FTM counter will run(increment/decrements) based on these inputs.

I have made all the possible combinations to initialise the FTM registers and run the module but it didn't work for me.

When I was going through the reference manual  Document Number: IMX7DRM Rev. 1, 01/2018 , i found that there are mistakes in FTM registers in manual too. that i have understood and corrected somehow.


my question is that, Does this FTM module in Quadrature decoder mode really works on iMX7 processor ?

and If anyone has got it worked, please tell me.


source code attached.




Bipin Kumar