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i.MX6S USB_H1_VBUS pin when power off

Question asked by torus1000 on Nov 7, 2018
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I want to confirm about VBUS pin as following.

According to the i.MX6S/DL datasheet, USB_H1_VBUS input pin seems separated from other power domains.

USB_OTG_VBUS and USB_H1_VBUS are not part of the power supply
sequence and can be powered at any time. LDO_USB
The LDO_USB module implements a programmable linear-regulator function from the
USB_OTG_VBUS and USB_H1_VBUS voltages (4.4 V–5.25 V) to produce a nominal 3.0 V output voltage.


Is it OK to leave USB_H1_VBUS supplying 5V for a while even all other power supply were off?


Can anyone help?