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Arduino as ISP + Flash Magic don't work on NHS3152

Question asked by Achraf Kabbabi on Nov 6, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by Achraf Kabbabi

Hi everybody,


I want to use a NHS3152 to monitor external resistors in "real-time".

I'm trying to upload a demo code on a NHS3152 chip with an Arduino UNO board (as ISP programmer), but I'm already facing a basic issue : I get a "Failed to autobaud" error.

I guess it means the NHS3152 couldn't be successfully detected, but I can't figure out why.


Failed to autobaud on Flash Magic


Here is how I wired the NHS3152 to the Arduino :

- The NHS3152's MOSI to Arduino's MOSI (11)
- The NHS3152's MISO to Arduino's MISO (12)
- The NHS3152's SCLK to Arduino's SCK (13)
- The NHS3152's SSEL to Arduino's SS (10)
- The NHS3152's VSS to Arduino's GND
- The NHS3152's VDBAT to the Arduino's 3.3V (because the chip doesn't support more than 3.6V)


How I wired the NHS3152 to the Arduino UNO board


I assumed the pins shown in the datasheet correspond to a top view.

Here is the real setup (without the wires) :


I checked that all Arduino's pins don't deliver more than 3.3V (the digital pins 10,11,12,13 deliver 1.7V).

Does anybody see something wrong in what I proceeded ? Any suggestions ?


Thanks for your help !