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Static_Code folder not generated in KDS 3.2 -SDK 1.3

Question asked by Diego Colombo on Oct 29, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2018 by Victor Jimenez



In a PC ,where KDS 3.2 was installed some months ago without using it,recently when i generate a new project  involving Processor Expert and SDK 1.3.0 i have the following error:
"undefined reference to `PE_low_level_init' " and it looks evident that the reason is that the folder Static_Code is missing .
Nothing changes if i clean and re-generate the project from Processor Expert

In another PC,i don't have this problem,i have the folder and its content generated at first hit.
Maybe i should say that the situation is not exactly identical between 2 PCs:KDS 3.0 in the working one,instead of 3.2.
Both KDS have recently updated Processor Expert components


I checked some discussion having to do with Static_Code folder as How to change the static_code path when the project opened by others ,and I checked where the path of this folder should appears,everything looks ok.
The missing folder problem remains with different processors.
If i import a project from the working PC i am requeste to delete the folder and its subfolder,because "no longer needed".
Thanks for hints and for your time.