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I want to use qtquickwiget and qmediaplayer which backend and image should I build is the best

Question asked by tsung li wang on Oct 28, 2018

Hi community,

I had designed an application with QT5.4.

And I used Qquickwidget and Qmediaplayer to complete my functionality.


I am getting start at using Yocto Project 2.0 released by freescale.

And I wondering which backend and image is suitable for me to use.

According to the reference, it has some images that I can choose to build related to below picture.

I suppose that these are options which rootfs I want to build.

And below picture is the option to choose which backend that you want.


Here is my question.

which backend and rootfs do I need to build for running my application?

Is there any suggestions?


Additional question, can anyone teach what is the difference between wayland and X11?

Although I have a lot of research on the internet, I still cannot understand what are these two suppose to do.

And still cannot understand what is the difference between -platform wayland and -platform eglfs.

I would be grateful that anyone who can teach me.


Thanks in advanced!