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Flash Usage - Block Type

Question asked by Wayne Young on Oct 16, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2018 by Wayne Young

I have some questions on the Flash system:

  • Is there any significance or meaning to the Block Type attribute (Low/Mid/High/Large)? Is it some convention indicating where they are located in the memory map, although "High" doesn't seem to be in the high area and "Large" doesn't seem to fit the other terms.
  • Can someone confirm that you can execute code from the lower flash areas (RWW 0,1,2,3,4,5):
    Start addressEnd addressAllocated size (KB)RWW partitionBlock numberBlock typeExample use
    0x000000000x0000FFFF6400LowEEPROM data
    0x000100000x0001FFFF6411LowEEPROM data
    0x000200000x0002FFFF6420MidEEPROM data
    0x000300000x0003FFFF6431MidEEPROM data
    0x000400000x003FFFFF3840Not availablen/a
    0x004000000x00403FFF1600UTESTSee Table 4-3
    0x004040000x005FFFFF2032Not availablen/a


  • Why do RWWs 0,2 have a Block 0 but RWWs 1, 3 have a Block 1 (and not a Block 0)? Any significance to this?
  • If you do not use the CSE can the RWW 4 and 5 be used for any code or data use?
  • The total available Flash is 8480KB (8192KB of Large and 288KB of Low/Mid/High)