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SWAP does not work from UPPER on SDK 2.4.1 flash driver?

Question asked by Roberto Quilez on Oct 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2019 by Roberto Quilez

We are using a MK26 with flash swap feature for firmware updates.


The swap does not work on SDK 2.4.1 .Since we have migrated to the SDK 2.4.1 the swap feature does not work any more.

We can swap from block 0 (LOWER) but when we swap from the block 1 (UPPER block) the firmware keeps blocked on the swap state "kFTFx_SwapStateUpdate". 



Furthermore, the swap demo provided for the TowerK65f180m code seems wrong. The demo code does the swap as follows:

  • result = FLASH_Swap(&s_flashDriver, swapIndicatorAddress, false);

This disables the SWAP, the last parameter should be set to TRUE


With driver fsl_flash v.2.3.1 we did not have this issue.

You have done a lot of modifications/refactoring  on the flash driver since sdk  2.3.0, where can we find the changelog with this modifications (specially concerning the flash driver)

If we look at the documentation provided with the SDK 2.4.1, /MCUXpressoSDKReleaseNotes_MK66F18.pdf, on page 5  we can read: 


The current FLASH driver version is 2.3.1.

• 2.3.1
Bug fixes:

* Unified Flash IFR design from K3.

* New encoding rule for K3 flash size.


The documentation does not correspond with the code provided in the SDK!??



Please note that this is critical feature  because it is the base  the over the air firmware update.