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LX2160a Packet meta-data

Question asked by Tim Ober on Oct 9, 2018
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We are using DPDK on the LX2160 and are trying to get insight from those out there using it as well.  


We have developed a smartNIC that has 2x 25G interfaces.  We have 4 Rx queues per each interface defined and are using DPDK with RSS enabled so that on a given interface we have 4 cores/threads per interface pulling packets from its DPDK rx queue. 


We then do some things to the packet/mbuf and pass it on to other cores/threads in the pipeline.


Eventually we have to then forward the packet to the host across PCIe, the smartNIC is a PCIe EP.  The question I have is that we have to maintain packet order from an interface perspective.  We typically would use a timestamp or sequence number.


I see that there is a sequence number generated in the DPAA2 and it supports timestamps.  However I can't see in the PMD for the LX2160 that it brings any of these values out into the mbuf hdr structure.  


How did NXP imagine that we could implement packet re-order when using RSS and you need to then re-order them?


WOuld it be possible for use to patch the PMD side of the dpaa2 net driver and possible get the timestamp or seqn into the mbuf hdr?  Has anyone done this with the LX2160 yet?



    Tim Ober