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Any way of keeping timers running through a soft reboot/reset?

Question asked by Evan Arnold on Oct 2, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2018 by Evan Arnold

Hello, we've been working with the MK66FN2M0VLQ18 and we're looking for a way to keep the clocks running through a NVIC_SystemReset().

We're storing a clock/time value in the LTMR64H/LTMR64L registers using . Through some debugging we've determined that those registers are wiped upon rebooting.

Obviously a hard power cycle will clear them no matter what, but we're wondering if there is any way we can retain the values in those registers and keep the clocks/timers ticking through a soft-rebot via NVIC_SystemReset().


Has anybody had any experience with this? We've been experimenting a bit and we are thinking that it's not possible, unless we're missing something.