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Issue with creating bootable image for RT-1050

Question asked by Bin Zhang on Sep 13, 2018

Hello All,


I'm using Keil IDE to build code to execute from the hyperflash on the RT1050 EVKB. When I load the code onto flash and run in the Keil debugger, everything works fine. And when I close the debugger and power cycle the board, code still executes successfully from flash.


Now I'm trying to build a bootable image and use the MFGTool to load code onto the H-flash. I'm running into issues. Here's steps I followed:


1. Creating a s-record file with the .axf generated by Keil (test.axf and test.srec attached):

      "fromelf --m32combined --output=test.srec test.axf"


2. Creating binary file with elftosb:

      "elftosb.exe -f imx -V -c -o test.bin test.srec"


The output test.bin only has 0 bytes. However if I use the led demo in the example images of the FlashLoader, I can generate a .bin file successfully. 


Can anybody help me figure out what the problem is? Many thanks in advance.