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LPDDR4*.bin binaries for i.MX8M

Question asked by yashavantha shetty on Aug 9, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2020 by Mihai Gisca



For i.MX8M , how the "lpddr4_pmu_train_1d_dmem.bin, lpddr4_pmu_train_1d_imem.bin, lpddr4_pmu_train_2d_dmem.bin" are generated, source code path?

For custom boards, can we use the "lpddr*.bin" binary files which are generated while building yocto for iMX8M EVK board?

We have done DDR calibration, stress test and generated code(ddr_init.c, ddrphy_train.c) and did uboot standalone compilation after adding above code to uboot. Is this fine or do we have to update "lpddr*.bin" binary files also after ddr calibration? Is there any relation among them?


Kindly clarify my doubts.


Thanks in advance.