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Booting aborted after configuring kernel and zImage-transfer

Question asked by Roland Ender on Aug 3, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2018 by jimmychan



I am using an iMX6 target board with barebox as bootloader.

After configuring the kernel on the host via bitbake and transfering it to the target board with the commands:


barebox@i.mx6q: erase /dev/

barebox@i.mx6q: cp mnt/tftp/new_zImage /dev/


The console output doesn't throw any errors or whatsoever.


my target doesn't boot anymore. I thought the new zImage was anyhow broken and reloaded the original zImage with the same commands.

But my target still doesn't boot. At least I can stop the autoboot and use barebox. With the command

barebox@i.mx6q: ls -ll /dev/

I have figured out that the memory-usage stays the same no matter whether I erase the or copy any zImages of different memorysize into it.


So maybe writing the Kernel zImage into the NAND-Flash of the target doesn't work? Because after issuing the "cp mnt/tftp/new_zImage /dev/" command the console is only busy for 2 sec.


Thanx in advance for your suggestions.