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Input interrupt in KW41Z with wireless_examples_thread_router_eligible_device

Question asked by DIEGO COMIN on Aug 2, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2018 by Juan Carlos Pacheco


I want to make at the Coap application from the example wireless_examples_thread_router_eligible_device an custom application. I need to send my luxometer value through Coap when an input interrupt comes in PTA17.


I see on the example that there is a sw2 button event. When I push sw2 from my board I cand send its temperature. Can I change the sw2 input to PTA17 input. I mean can I associate my PTA17 input to the sw2 event? How do I solve this?


The extract of the code I want to change is the following:



I need to associate the "gKBD_EventPB2_c" to the PTA17 input event.


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