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Where can I get AOA/ADK library or stack for FRDM MK64FN board to communicate with android device?

Question asked by kirti raje on Jul 18, 2018
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I am working on a project which uses FRDMK64FN board and KDS 3.2. I have used FSL USB STACK for USB communication with android device (in Host mode) and hardware USB in CDC device mode. It is working fine. In this case when I  used hardware in USB CDC DEVICE mode then I did not required AOA/ ADK protocol to communicate with android device. Now when I am looking for hardware USB act in CDC Host mode (so that it can charge android device and transfer data) and android device acts as device or accessory then it is required AOA/ADK protocol to communicate with android device. Somehow I am successful in getting the adk.h file but donot know how to use it in application.

can any one help me to get the AOA/ADK library or stack that can be used for MK64FN board and document that shows how to use that library in firmware application.


I am struggling a lot to get this AOA protocol on FRDM K64 board.


Any help is very much appreciated.

Thank you,