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Run S32K142 SDK‘s Flash Erase Function and Reset in IAR

Question asked by Aaron wang on Jul 1, 2018


I tested the Flash Erase function of S32K142 based on SDK in the IAR, but when it run to FLASH_DRV_CommandSequence, the debug always reset.

And I set break point to check it, this functionality FLASH_DRV_CommandSequence has been place in the RAM.

however it will reset when continue to run it.


SDK Flash Erase function, when it run at FLASH_DRV_CommandSequence

FLASH_DRV_CommandSequence in RAM: begin address 0x1fffc0000

I don't know what's the root cause. I run the Example project "flash_partitioning" on S32DS and it can work well.


So who face this issue before, Please give me some suggestion to solve it.



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