Tomaz Lovrencic


Discussion created by Tomaz Lovrencic on Jun 22, 2018

I am using Freedom board, model FRDM-KL03Z with integrated K20DX128VFM5 (previosly flased with PE Micro's OpenSDA 1.18) which I had re-flash it with USBDM and Win 10's Device Manager detect it correctly:USBDM-flashed Freedom board is detected in Device Manager


I compiled project for MKL03Z8VFG4R (using adjusted SDK from NXP's web site) inside MCUXpresso IDE (v10.2.0 build 759) with custom MCUXpresso Config Tools (Pins and Clocks) suitable for my custom board, then I have uploaded created .bin file using Flash ARM programmer from USBDM package. "Detect Chip" went OK (=returning chip ID), "Interface" was correctly detected and "Load and Go" produced message "Programming is complete", but my board is not functioning at all. 


Is using "ARM USBDM ToolChain" a MUST or can I use (default) NXP MCU Tools?