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AWS & NXP LPC54018 IoT Module

Question asked by on Jun 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2018 by Victor Jimenez


i'm a newbie with LPC54018 & AWS iot.

I set up my board & om40006 exactly as described in Getting Started with the NXP LPC54018 IoT Module - Amazon FreeRTOS  with MCUXpresso.

However i don't see any messages in the iot MQTT client.

Any idea what's happening?

This is what i see in the debug terminal window:




7 5728 [Tmr Svc] Wi-Fi connected to AP localwifi.
8 6820 [Tmr Svc] IP Address acquired
9 6821 [Tmr Svc] Creating MQTT Echo Task...
10 6829 [MQTTEcho] MQTT echo attempting to connect to
ral-1.amazonaws.com11 6830 [MQTTEcho] Sending command to MQTT task.
12 6831 [MQTT] Received message 10000 from queue.
13 7014 [MQTT] Looked up as 52.57.
14 39970 [MQTT] About to close socket.
15 40020 [MQTT] Socket closed.
16 40020 [MQTT] Notifying task.