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FXAS21002 Self Test Function

Question asked by Nico Calitz on May 29, 2018
Latest reply on May 31, 2018 by Tomas Vaverka

I'm having some trouble understanding the self test function on the FXAS21002. The datasheet shows a self-test output change of [min, typ, max] = [7000, 16000, 25000] for CTRL_REG0[FS] = 00. With this in mind, a few questions:


  1. Should this be interpreted as a stable, constant offset from zero rate? (i.e., should X, Y and Z ideally output a stable 16000LSB when the device is configured for self test operation?)
  2. Why such a large variation between min (7000) and max (25000)?
  3. Is it safe to assume similar min, typ and max STOC values for different full-scale range configurations?
  4. Should there be some correlation between X, Y and Z?
  5. The unit I'm currently working with outputs a constant [X,Y,Z]=[~5700,~18200, ~15650] LSB. I'm not sure how to interpret this information. The X-axis output is well below the min of 7000. Does this mean the unit is faulty?


Thank you in advance!