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How to build S32kXX platform in IAR Embedded Workbench using make/gmake..?

Question asked by Venkateswara Ballary on May 2, 2018
Latest reply on May 3, 2018 by stanish

I am using S32DS for ARM (Ver:2018.R1 )on S32K116 projects and would like to use IAREW(Ver:IAREW 6.0) to do the compile.

For this I had try to Install IAR plugn in S32DS.but i unable to find Plugins for ARM at rightside in Plugin mananger see attachment it showing automatically for 78K plugins evnthough path selected manually.

please clarify

Is it possible to install ARM(7.20.x to 7.80.x) targets & its plugins in IAREW 6.0 ver..?

How to build my S32K plotform in IAR using make/gmake..?what are the extra plugins required.?