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not able to boot custom imx6ull board using eMMC

Question asked by Pankaj Joshi on Apr 27, 2018
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I have created custom u-boot using DCD changes, custom kernel [zImage] with changes for UTP and USB_MASS_STORAGE in defconfig. Able to build the yocto images with customized u-boot, zImage and DTB. Able to flash via serial downloader using mfgtool2. I see all the output such as u-boot and kernel logs correctly on debug uart, But i am not able to get the board booted via eMMC after flashing. I do not see anything on serial. Can anyone faced the same issue. 


Rita Wang - Can you please help ! Added logs after flashing. Also DDR calibration is done for my KINGSTON DDR3L - 4G using DDR stress tester tool. I do not know why it still does not boot from eMMC. I see all the partitions created successfully. 

Is this some problem with boot partition 

in u-boot ./include/configs/mx6ullevk.h, CONFIG_SYS_MMC_ENV_PART = 0, is this problem due to it.


Any help is highly appreciated  !