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Unable to get Windows or Linux to recognize LPCXpresso54608

Question asked by Evan Reisman on Apr 23, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2018 by Victor Jimenez

I have been unable to get either Linux or Windows to recognize the LPCXpresso54608/OM13092 board when I plug it into my computer via USB. I've installed the MCUXpresso IDE and added the BSP/SDK for the 54608. I have turned off both the firewall and anti-virus protection on both Linux and Windows, as well as both opening and shorting the J5 jumper in every conceivable configuration, all to no avail. I’ve also tried connecting the board using all of the microUSB slots, also to no avail. Neither Linux nor Windows recognizes the board - it does not appear under any device under Windows or under the /dev directory under Linux. The board is running the demo TouchGFX software out of the box. Can anybody provide any information on how to fix this issue? Thank you.