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LS1012 boot

Question asked by Filippo Visocchi on Apr 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2018 by Filippo Visocchi

on a custom LS1012 board we are facing this issue : clocks and resets ( both the PORESET_B and TRST_B ) come from the same source and are fine, RCW source ( CLK_OUT ) is open / pulled up to 1.8V , QSPI_A_CS0 and QSPI_A_DATA1 are pulled down to 0 to select the external oscillator, but we can't see any activity on QSPI to load RCW.
Powers are within the ranges, JTAG is enabled with TCK pulled high with a 4.7k to 1.8V.

Anybody has hints about this?
We have not yet tried with JTAG, can this be of some help?
Thanks and regards