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LPC824 boot block (512 bytes from 0x0000 0000) was erased out of memory

Question asked by OKUI Yuichiro on Mar 27, 2018
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We are developing point-sensor control system by LPC824.


I have some troubles, which the 512 bytes boot block (from 0x0000 0000) have been once erased and cleared "FF" in allocation of excessive buffer area.

I can't cope with this problem because erasing boot block may be occurred not only in accidental memory shortage but also in other cases.


Maybe, 90% of RAM area may be already used.

We need to reduce the buffer area not to cause strange behavior.


However, I've seen this problem only once.

It can't be determined due to memory error.


I want to take measures by considering the cases of erasing boot blocks.

Or, tell us to duplicate this problem commonly.





Microcomputer > LPC824M201JHI33

Board > original mounted board, which has LPC824, dac for controlling sensor, and voltage conversion circuits

JTAG > LPC-Link2 by LPCxpresso






OKUI Yuichiro