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Get unique NFC tag ID from NXP NFP provider

Question asked by Sergey Svinolobov on Mar 21, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2018 by Aleh D



We need to read unique NFC tag ID by using built-in (on Windows 10 tablet PCs) NXP NFC reader, under Windows 10. Unfortunately, Microsoft don't implemented tags UID support in the Windows.Networking.Proximity namespace (but it's a loooong waiting feature request, since year 2014!).


However, if I can read that tag from regular Win32 app, it will be (at least) a good workaround for us.

NXP NearFieldProximity provider driver on our Windows 10 tablet PCs is listed as \\?\acpi#nxp5442#1#{fb3842cd-9e2a-4f83-8fcc-4b0761139ae9}, and uses following files:

  • NxpNfpProvider.dll  v
  • libpn544_NGfw.dll   v
  • NxpNfcRM.dll  v


So, my questions are:

  • can I use NFC Reader Library for this purpose, and what version I should download and try?
  • is there a way to get NFC tag UID via Win32/64 native code? Code examples will be very appreciated!


This issue is a "showstopper" for us now: without knowing NFC tag UID, we can't prevent tags cloning