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dcbf instruction use issue

Question asked by Quentin Reynard on Mar 20, 2018
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I used dcbf instruction to flush my data cache, but it seems that it did not work (I verified via a probe the content of the data cache).


In C, I created a variable:

int i = 0;

// then I call the next routine

FlushDataCache((int)&i, (int)(&i + DATA_CACHE_FLUSH_48K/4));


which is in assembly langage:

                                                      # r1 = start of shared region
                                                      # r2 = end of region


dcbf       0,r1                                  # flush line at address r1
addi       r1,r1,<line size in bytes> # point to next line
cmpw    r1,r2                                 # finished?
ble         loop





I thought the dcbf instruction will find the D-cache according to i variable, and flush the line. I don't know what's wrong ?


Sorry to bother, thank you for your anwsers,


Quentin Reynard