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Call a function or task every 10us on Vybrid M4

Question asked by Israel Jacob Galego Cassimiro on Feb 21, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2018 by Daniel Chen

Hi guys.


I'm need to make a implementation thats call a function(or task) every 10us on a M4 Vybrid.

Looking on manuals and Internet I realized that the TIMER functions won't help me because the tick is 10ms.

Looking more I discovered GPT and PIT but I won't capable of discover how can I use it.

Are you have some documents or examples to help me ?


I find this example: Timer example not working for timer value in micro seconds on MQX 3.6.1 MCF52259evb 

and this: Hardware interruptions 

but I didn't understand at all.


Can someone help me? I need, somehow, to call a function or task, both to me are fine, every 10us.