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LCP 1549 UART will not receive properly.

Question asked by Mark Duffett on Feb 1, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2018 by Kerry Zhou

I'm using a LCP 1549 and UART based off the uart_polling example, but it will not receive properly. I can send and can confirm data is sent back to me but an interrupt is not triggering.



static void getLineUART(unsigned char *receive_buffer, uint32_t length)

param.buffer = (uint8_t *) receive_buffer;
param.size = length;

param.transfer_mode = RX_MODE_BUF_FULL ;
param.driver_mode = DRIVER_MODE_POLLING;

if (LPC_UARTD_API->uart_get_line(uartHandle, &param)) {              //  it waits here forever




trying the other transfer modes and sending /r/n or /0 had no effect.