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SPIFI interface and LCD controller in LPC1857

Question asked by vinay manikkoth on Jan 30, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2018 by Bernhard Fink



I need help to understand an issue i am facing while using SPIFI interface & LCD controller. 


I took Flexible camera demo from NXP.

would like to make use of the SPIFI interface. so moved the LCD buffer from SDRAM to SPIFI memory. camera buffer still in SDRAM. 

Initialized the SPIFI interface to memory mapped from location 0x14000000.

initialized LCD and mapped to the upper panel base address as 0x14000000. 


when there is a new frame from camera, did a reset to SPIFI interface to come out of memory mode. after that copied the frame from SDRAM to spifi memory using spifi command register. 

at the end, moved the SPIFI interface back to memory mapped mode. 


my observation: LCD was reading from spifi memory till i do the first spifi interface reset. after that LCD is not getting updated. am i doing something wrong?