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TLB Overlap in T2080RDB_SPIFLASH_config V2.0-1703

Question asked by A EAJr on Jan 30, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2018 by A EAJr

I have built the T2080RDB_SPIFLASH_config of version V2.0-1703 and put it in SPI flash (of course with the other images, fman, Cortina, and U-Boot Environment). When I do a reginfo I see an overlap of the TLBs; yet the build seems to run fine in u-boot.

My understanding is that overlapping TLBs are an error based upon this document e6500 Core Reference Manual Supports e6500 E6500RM Rev 0 06/2014.


Are overlapped TLBs an error?

I was wondering why I get no error interrupt described in Paragraph (Possibly U-Boot has them turned off)?

Is it working errant-ly in an "Undefined State"?


I was hoping that overlaps are allowed in a T2080. I need to remap the TLBs before running vxWorks and I want to do the remapping in vxWorks.


Right now I am avoiding any overlaps by ensuring that U-Boot use a TLB in a specific range.


Is there reference code for remapping specific TLBs to DDR and CCSR. This would need to work no matter what TLBs are assigned on entry? 


(U-Boot dynamically assigns the DDR to the first free TLB)

=> reginfo
TLBCAM entries
entry 00: V: 1 EPN 0xfffff000 RPN 0x7ffff000 size:4 KiB
entry 01: V: 1 EPN 0xfe000000 RPN 0xffe000000 size:16 MiB
entry 02: V: 1 EPN 0xe0000000 RPN 0xfe0000000 size:256 MiB
entry 03: V: 1 EPN 0x80000000 RPN 0xc00000000 size:512 MiB
entry 04: V: 1 EPN 0xa0000000 RPN 0xc20000000 size:256 MiB
entry 05: V: 1 EPN 0xb0000000 RPN 0xc30000000 size:256 MiB
entry 06: V: 1 EPN 0xc0000000 RPN 0xc40000000 size:256 MiB
entry 07: V: 1 EPN 0xf8000000 RPN 0xff8000000 size:256 KiB
entry 08: V: 1 EPN 0x00000000 RPN 0x00000000 size:2 GiB
entry 09: V: 1 EPN 0xf4000000 RPN 0xff4000000 size:16 MiB
entry 10: V: 1 EPN 0xf5000000 RPN 0xff5000000 size:16 MiB
entry 11: V: 1 EPN 0xf6000000 RPN 0xff6000000 size:16 MiB
entry 12: V: 1 EPN 0xf7000000 RPN 0xff7000000 size:16 MiB
entry 13: V: 1 EPN 0xf0000000 RPN 0xf00000000 size:32 MiB
entry 14: V: 0 EPN 0x00000000 RPN 0x00000000 size:4 KiB
entry 15: V: 0 EPN 0x00000000 RPN 0x00000000 size:4 KiB
entry 16: V: 1 EPN 0xff800000 RPN 0xfff800000 size:64 KiB
entry 17: V: 1 EPN 0xffdf0000 RPN 0xfffdf0000 size:4 KiB
entry 18: V: 0 EPN 0x00200000 RPN 0x00200000 size:4 KiB
entry 19: V: 1 EPN 0x00000000 RPN 0x00000000 size:2 GiB