Jack King

Does debug init SDRAM for xip app on MIMXRT1052?

Discussion created by Jack King on Jan 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by Wigros Sun

I have written an example application that is initializing and using the SDRAM on the RT1052-EVK.

The program should be executing directly from flash using the xip driver.


The problem is that when I perform a write/read test of the full 32M SDRAM, there are consistently a few addresses that have been changed outside of my execution logic.  The same addresses are incorrect across multiple debug sessions, so I assume they are changed programmatically.


I initialize the SDRAM in my code, but I see some online references that indicate that the debug connect still initializes SDRAM itself (even when using xip?).  I don't see any connect script specified for the debugger (in this case the OpenSDA linkserver)


If SDRAM is initialized by the debugger, I was trying to determine what the SDRAM memory section was being used for outside of my main execution, and if this could possibly be what is changing SDRAM.


Attached is my memory section config, my linker settings for heap/stack and an example of some addresses that fail the test.


Any tips are appreciated!