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download use jlink issue

Question asked by cai bai on Dec 17, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 25, 2017 by cai bai

Keil MDK : 5.23

CHIP : LPC824M201

Jlink dirver: V5.12f


i configure CRP as NO_ISP mode

; <h> Code Read Protection
;   <o> Code Read Protection  <0xFFFFFFFF=>CRP Disabled
;                             <0x12345678=>CRP Level 1
;                             <0x87654321=>CRP Level 2
;                             <0x43218765=>CRP Level 3 (ARE YOU SURE?)
;                             <0x4E697370=>NO ISP (ARE YOU SURE?)
; </h>
                IF      :LNOT::DEF:NO_CRP
                AREA    |.ARM.__at_0x02FC|, CODE, READONLY
                DCD     0x4E697370

                AREA    |.text|, CODE, READONLY

i download with jlink several times then it said that

jink log as follow


how to recovery chip?