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Help using Asynchroserial Bean

Question asked by Jaime Rodriguez on Oct 1, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2008 by Processor Expert
Hi, I've been trying  to use the AsynchroSerial bean with MC9S12XDP512. The communication is working,  I already configured the internal bus clock but I cant received certain chars, for example, when I send chars to the MCU sometimes the "received char" interruption is not generated and I have to send something different in order to generate the interruption (if I continue to send the same char nothing happens so it is not the buffer).   I also noticed that when I try to send a char starting with zero I received (on the receiver) something different to what I sent. I've been moving the settings of this bean playing with the width, setting it to 9 and 8 bits but when I use 9 I receive some bits OK but stop receiving others so this is not helping me either. For example:
                        8 bits width
                   I send        I received(on the receiver)
                   0x02          0x82
                   0xFB         0xFB
                         9 bits width
                   I send        I received(on the receiver)
                   0x02          0x02
                   0xFB         0x7B

I am also checking the signal on a oscilloscope but I don't understand it. I don't know if this signal is inverted and which bits are sent first.
The same thing happens with 115200 bauds and 9600 bauds.
I appreciate any help.

Thank you in advanced.

Jaime Rodriguez