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RTOS locking

Discussion created by Michael Durian on Nov 27, 2017
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I'll be using the sensor fusion library with an RTOS (uC/OS-II, not FreeRTOS, but I don't think that is relevant). The sensor fusion user's guide discusses using an RTOS and gives an example showing two tasks: one for reading data from the sensors (read_task) and another to process the data (fusion_task).


I don't see any locks (semaphore, mutex, etc) to serialize access to the raw sensor data. Depending what other tasks are running in the RTOS, I think it would be theoretically possible for the read_task to modify sensor data while the fusion_task is still processing it.


I think it might be enough to put a lock around


in read_task and around


in fusion_task. Is this correct? Is that sufficient locking to serialize data shared between the two tasks?