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S12ZVLA96 STOP MODE not working

Question asked by VYSHAKH J on Nov 27, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2018 by Daniel Martynek

Hi All,

               I am using S12ZVLA96 MCU for my Auto motive project.Its a battery powered unit so I want to put the MCU in STOP mode and wake it up through LIN. I have tried to put the MCU in stop mode but its not at all going to STOP mode. The following steps are done my in my test software. Please go through it and help me

1. I am using internal clock source of 1MHz

2. In main , I am toggling one pin with a delay of 750ms.

3. After 15sec , I am setting one variable and executing the following line of code

            CPMUCOP = 0;


    After executing this two lines of code, I am expecting my MCU should be in STOP mode and there should not be any pin toggling. But unfortunately , this piece of code is not working as expected and even after executing asm(stop), the pins are toggling continuously with the same delay.

                                                           Please help me with, whats wrong with my code , appart from this what else I have to do.



Vyshakh J