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Ethernet Configuration on custom LS1046A board is not working.

Question asked by Bruno Sauze on Oct 12, 2017

We have designed a custom board based on LS1046A. On this board, Ethernet links are provided by a Quad PHY (Marvell) connected to the LS1046A through QSGMII.

When booting the board with u-boot, we are only able to access to one of the four internal MDIO interfaces (DTSEC6) while we expected to be able to access to the internal MDIO associated to the four DTSEC used in SGMII configuration (DTSEC1, DTSEC5, DTSEC6 and DTSEC10).

Our u-boot is derived from the u-boot used on eval board. For Ethernet configuration we have only modified eth.c to configure QSGMII and register MDIO bus (Clause 22 MDIO). 

Do you have any idea about what could prevent us from accessing MDIO registers of other DTSEC ?


On the working DTSEC we  have check the configuration on the PHY and on the DTSEC side (using MDIO interfaces):

  - The link is up,

  - Autonegotiation is successfull (100Base Tx FD)

  - Bit 14 in register 5 of the PHY is set (meaning DTSEC has acknowledged completion of autonegotiation).

 However ping towards external device is not working. We cannot even see the ARP frame on wireshark.

Is there any additional configuration we should do to have our Ethernet link working ?

How can we be sure that the ping command is sent to the PHY by the FMAN ?




Attached is the uboot log.

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