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My FRDM-K66F will no longer talk to MCUXpresso 10.0.2 IDE. Did win10 corrupt bootloader?

Question asked by timgargrave on Sep 26, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2017 by Alice_Yang

newbie problem. My FRDM-K66F was working before hurricane Irma stole 2 weeks of my time.   I downloaded several demo apps I compiled without issue but now the IDE says "no compatible probes available". I did not intentionally change the K20 bootloader firmware from the default openSDAv 2.1 that came loaded by the factory. I am working on a windows 10 laptop and have read that some windows 10 computers may corrupt the bootloader FW in the K20. This may well be operator error!!!



When I plug in the board to the openSDAv USB port the power LED blinks at about a 1 hz rate forever.

Holding the reset button at power up has no effect.

Pushing the reset button after power up does not affect the board.

The FRDM-K66F debug USB port enumerates as an MBED BOOTLOADER USB Device (as seen in device manager).

No com port appears in device manager.



I downloaded and ran the following that appeared to work



frdmk66f_demo_apps_freertos_hello (could not figure out where to type input text to get to freertos, typing in the IDE console was not echoed and did not appear to do anything.)

I believe the issue may have been coincident with either the freertos_hello app or the frdmk66f_demo_apps_lwip_lwip_udpecho_freertos I tried next.



Does the fact the board enumerates as a MBED flash drive mean I have some other (hopefully operator error) issue and not a Win10 corruption issue?


How do I know if the bootloader is corrupt?


If it is K20 corruption do I need to buy a Seeger J-link to recover the bootloader?


I see some old threads discussing this issue. I would prefer to stay on windows 10. Does openSDAv 2.2 fix it? Is it recommended to use if my PC happens to be prone to this issue?


Should windows 10 users "replace the default CMSIS-DAP application with a Segger JLink" FW on the K20 to avoid this?


Also, is there anyway to get the debug console I/O into a putty or terraterm window instead of the IDE?


Is there anyway to talk to a human support engineer to get some help with these startup issues? Sorry, I didn't think so, frustration is setting in.




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